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Our Start

When Index Zero was first founded, back in 2015, the idea and focus of the company was built around creating and developing internal projects. As we started working on different projects and ideas, we realized that it is much more valuable to cooperate with other talented groups and individuals with the purpose of coaching them and helping them develop a process and product together, combining knowledge, abilities, and experience. This allows for a nurturing ecosystem in which both us and our customers benefit from working closely together.

Our Mision

To help create and accelerate technology and innovation startups, maximizing their impact and possibilities of success by providing top quality guidance, management, and development tools.

Our Pillars

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We are a team of highly qualified IT professionals with the necessary experience to fulfill your business needs. We strive to make part of our family only the most talented and committed software engineers.

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We like to follow the best rules that have been proven to lead to better product quality and better results. Quality is important for us in the outcoming product, but also in the gears and chains that support it.

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We want to put our whole effort into building something special. We valuethe search of perfection and attention to detail in every stage of software development.

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We care about how you feel working with us. We are constanty in touch, checking with you how to improve your projects. You are guaranteed be part of an environment suited to fulfill your needs.

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We are a team focused towards a common goal. You can always raise your hand and we will help you to find a solution to your problem. Be it a technical issue or a solution to your business' needs.

The team

We are a team of highly qualified IT professionals with the necessary experience to fulfill your business needs

Andres Quijano

CEO, Founder & Software Engineer

Joaquin Leal

Co-founder & Software Engineer

Luis Montemayor

CFO & Software Engineer

Cesar Martinez

Senior Dev Ops

Jose Luis Carvajal

Senior Software Engineer

Victor Aguilar

Senior Software Engineer

Javier Pascal

Software Engineer

Antonio Alcantara

Software Engineer & Innovation lead

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